Friends & Family Games


Friends & Family Games are friendly co-ed games with players of all ages and skill levels - youth, adult, wolves members, wolves families, men, women - to continue to grow the Wolves community and to provide fun scrimmage opportunities for the whole family.

Cost: $15/person (Goalies play free)
Location: World Arena Ice Hall
RSVP: To reserve your spot contact any Board Member or email

Schedule of Events

All games are played at World Arena Ice Hall and cost $15/person unless  otherwise indicated

2024-2025 Holiday Events

Sat., Nov. 2, 6:30 pm

Sat., Nov. 30, 1:15 pm

🎉New Year's Day
Wed., Jan. 1, 5:00 pm

🏈Super Bowl
Sun., Feb. 9, 9:45 am

Pond Hockey

Poss Pond is closed for the season. Winter 2025 schedule to be posted pending ice conditions

2024 Summer Series


Is this a USA Hockey Event?

No. This is not a USA Hockey event. All participants (or minor's parent/guardian) will sign an Assumption of Risk waiver prior to participating in each Friends & Family event.

What's the minimum age for minor participants?

To participate in Games, minors must be one of the following:

There is no age restrictions to participate in Pond Hockey events as long as an adult is present.

Can my minor play Goalie?

No. No minors may not participate in the goalie position.

Do Friends & Family participants need Board Member approval?

No. Friends and family do not need formal approval to participate in games as long as they understand these are friendly games for players of all skill levels and agree to play accordingly.

Additionally, PPWHF reserves the right to deny any invited player who may be of concern (i.e. due to size, extreme competitive nature, etc.)

Players or spectators with any concerning background information will not be permitted to attend organization sponsored activities (i.e. crimes against children, violent crimes, etc.)