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WACH League Regular Season

PPWHF is a member of the Women's Association of Colorado Hockey (WACH)! WACH is a state-wide travel league comprised of more than 30 teams across four divisions.

PPWHF currently has 3 teams that play in the WACH league - Silverwolves, Timberwolves, and Arcticwolves. Each division team plays 10-16 regular season games and competes in the WACH State Tournament. 

In addition, each team has volunteer coaches dedicated to helping their players grow and improve on the ice for every game. For information about our 3 division teams click a drop down option below! 

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Participation Requirements

All players and coaches interested in participating in the WACH Regular Season must have the following before participating in any activities:

The Wolves

Visit WACH to see official game schedule and results

Silverwolves (B Division)

The Silverwolves (SW) play in the WACH B Division. Most SWs are strong intermediate- to advanced-level player and who may have played varsity high school or non-varsity college (ACHA) levels or have 10+ years of women’s adult hockey playing experience.

The SW maintain a competitive approach to hockey and may implement "special teams" and "plays" during the game while focusing on fun, developing as a team.

Timberwolves (C Division)

The Timberwolves (TW) play in the  WACH C Division. Most players are generally intermediate in skill level with 5+ years of playing experience as an adult. Most TW players started playing as adults and love the sport.

The TW maintain a competitive approach to hockey and may implement "special teams" and "plays" during the game while focusing on fun, learning, and developing skills.

Arcticwolves (D Division)

The Arcticwolves (AW) play in the WACH D Division. Most AW are novice players and are often new (1-5 years of experience) to the game. 

AW are very passionate about the sport and seeking ways to improve their game! Games and practices focus on learning the flow of the game and solidifying hockey sense and foundational skills.

Interested in joining one of our teams? 


I'm interested in joining a team, but not sure I can commit to a full season...What are my options?

That's great, we look forward to joining you on the ice in any capacity that works for! PPWHF has different participation levels to help accommodate all budgets and schedules. Our current player options include:

If you would like to discuss the best option for you, contact a PPWHF Board Member  or email ppwhf.wolves@gmail.com

How are Team Determinations made?

Volunteer coaches determine team compositions based on their player evaluations at Team Formation, practices, friends and family games, and previous Wolves participation.

What is Team Formation?

Team Formation is the Wolves "tryouts." Coaches will run players through a series of skills and scrimmages to evaluate players and determine roster placements for the upcoming WACH Season. All abilities are welcome! 

For the 2024-2025 Season, Team Formation will be divided into two sessions based on player skill level and/or the team in which they hope to be rostered for the upcoming season. All players must register with PPWHF  (June/July 2024) to participate and be assigned a session.

What if I'm unable to attend/miss Team Formation, but want to be rostered on a team?

No worries! Please complete your PPWHF registration and RSVP "no" to Team Formation. We will work with you to find another time to be evaluated by coaches such as a practice or Friends & Family game. If we are unable to find a time that works between Team Formation and the start of WACH Games, coaches will roster you based on previous playing experience to get started, and will reevaluate during the season to make sure you're playing at the most appropriate skill level.

When and where are WACH Games played?

The WACH regular season runs Mid-October through March with a State Tournament the first or second weekend in April.

WACH Games take place across the state with half of the games played at Home (World Arena) and the other half played across Pueblo, Denver, Ft. Collins, Greeley and Steamboat Springs.  Typically, each team will have one overnight trip to Ft.Collins/Greeley/Steamboat Springs and the remainder of the away games will be played in the Denver metro area.

Games can be scheduled on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons, Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings/early afternoons.

How much does it cost to participate?

Pricing varies based on level of interest. Check out our pricing page for all of our great options!